Our Services

We help you identify the drivers of value in your business, implement a program to grow and capture value while you run it, and then maximize the value of your business when you sell

Business diagnostic

We review your business with the eyes of a buyer to identify distinctiveness and vulnerabilities that affect value

Business value acceleration

We run a structured process to build on your distinctiveness and address vulnerabilities so that your business grows in value more rapidly

Maximizing value from a sale

We coach you through the process, optimizing the value of your business, building the team for the sales process, and driving the content that differentiates your business.

Why you should work with us

Most business leaders get so engaged in managing the day-to-day pressures of the business that they end up working in the business. This is often necessary because the demands are so great. But to drive significant change, business leaders need to shift form “working in the business” to “working on the business.” We enable that change in focus.

This can best be seen by the role of private equity in middle market businesses. All private equity groups expect to double or triple the value of any investment they make during their five-year hold period. How do they do that? By implementing a defined process to accelerate business value.

But why should you, the current owner of your business, give that value away to the next owner? Business Value Accelerator LLC can develop and implement a growth strategy which will accelerate the value of your business while you still own it. It is never too late to take the right steps to increase your business value. Even if you are planning to sell your business now, we can make a significant difference because we can help maximize the value of your business when you sell. If you plan to own your business for a few years or longer, you will get more benefit over time from initiating this process now.