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Kevin Murdock is the President of Business Value Accelerator LLC. He has worked with middle market businesses in multiple capacities for the last dozen years. Prior to that was a leader of McKinsey & Company’s Global Business Building & Growth Practice and worked in McKinsey’s functional areas of Strategy, Marketing & Operations. Before joining McKinsey, he was a professor of strategy at Stanford Business School, where he taught 1/3 of all Stanford MBAs the core Strategic Management course and developed an elective on Corporate Strategy & Implementation.

Business Value Accelerator LLC has a deep network of professional experts in areas of operations, purchasing, technology, sales & marketing to support an implementation program. We also have a talented bench of seasoned executives who can step into a full-time operating role if your company needs that level of support.

If you would like to speak with us for a complimentary consultation to understand the power of business value acceleration or how we can help you maximize the value of your business when you sell, please phone us at (305) 460-5700 or email us at

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