When to engage us

We can greatly assist you at three key time periods during the ownership of your business:

  • Before you sell your business
  • After you buy a new business
  • While your are running your business

Before you sell your business

Most business owners think they just need to hire an investment banker and they will manage the process for them. That is important, but investment bankers just run a process to get the most value from “the business as it is.” What they do not do is improve the business so there is something better to sell. That is the work we do. We run a four-stage process to maximize the value of your business during a sales process. We make sure that you have the most valuable business, a strong team, and content that makes clear why a buyer should want to own your business. We coach you through the entire process, sitting side-by-side with your leadership team.

After you buy a new business

If you just recently bought a new business, you have a great window to make changes to improve the trajectory of your business. All private equity groups look to initiate a strong strategy which will make their investment at least 2X to 3X more valuable by the time they sell at the end of their five year ownership window. We can lead that process on your behalf and help accelerate business value at the start of your ownership tenure.

While your are running your business

Sometimes business owners get so focused on the day-to-day that they lose sight of the levers that ultimately drive business value. Engaging BVA creates a break in the routine that will help you regain your perspective on your business, to identify untapped opportunities, and to put in place a strategic plan and leadership team that will accelerate business value.

Instead of letting an outside event (e.g., a sales process) trigger a renewed focus on growing your business, you can take the lead now and put in place a process to change the trajectory of your business. In fact, the longer you plan to hold on to your business the greater impact our work can have, because some initiatives take time to achieve their full effect.